Coding the Law
Suffolk Law School: Fall 2017

This is an archival version of Coding the Law's Fall 2017 course site. The current version can be found here.

Student Work

The following is a showcase of student work. See something you like? That's the students. Something you dislike? That's me (@Colarusso). I'm busy tweaking next year's offering to do a better job. For a look at some of my favorite projects, check out this thread. Also relevant: our syllabus and reading/work schedule. Individual project rubrics linked below.

Expert Systems and Document Automation

Challenge: For a given jurisdiction, create a "chatbot" to determine if someone is eligible for appointed counsel, fee waivers, or the like. The bot should provide users with a set of action items to obtain any such aid, including copies of any applicable court forms pre-filled with data obtained from interaction with the bot.

Student Projects

Web scraping, API's, and Twitter Bots

Challenge: Create a bot that monitors information on the Web and tweets in response to changes in that information.

Student Projects

Modeling for Insight, Classification, and Prediction (Data Science)

Challenge: Create and evaluate a statistical/machine learning model using one of the algorithms discussed in class.

Student Projects

Making a Difference, Final Projects

Challenge: Partner with an external party to create a technical solution using some combination of the above technologies. This solution must solve a real-world problem.

Student Projects

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