This is an archival version of Coding the Law's Fall 2020 course site. The current version can be found here.
Click the green flag to start. Game by simiko. See original. This game was made in Scratch, an educational programming language. We introduce coding with Scratch in Level 4 if you want to try your hand at making something similar.

Coding the Law
Suffolk Law School: Fall 2020
by @Colarusso

A self-guided LegalTech Adventure for folks with or without prior coding experience.

Your Final Project
4+ Hours

Enrolled students should spend the majority of this and subsequent levels working on their final projects. See The Final Project Rubric. This level includes no programming challenges and only light reading/viewing.

This Level's Guest Speaker:

Miguel Willis, Director, Access to Justice Technology Fellows Program

Miguel Willis is the founder and Director of the Access to Justice Technology Fellows Program at Penn Law. The tech fellows program equips tomorrow's lawyers with interdisciplinary skills training and hands-on experience developing cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions aimed to improve the civil justice system. Miguel also currently serves as Innovator in Residence and Adjunct Professor of Law at Penn Law. Miguel was the inaugural LSAC Presidential Innovation Fellow where he advises LSAC on diversity and other strategic initiatives. Miguel previously served as the Technology Coordinator for Alaska Courts System’s Justice For All Project.

Miguel obtained his BA' in Political Science from Howard University 12' and his JD' from Seattle University School of Law 17'. While in law school, Miguel organized several legal hackathon events, collaborated on a number of justice technology projects and frequently presented on topics at the intersections of justice, technology and data.

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~ 24 Minutes

Self-Reflection and Logging Your Work
~20 min

As we do at the end of every level, we ask that you take a few minutes to reflect on how things are going. That being said, you've almost completed Level 11. Tell me how it's going by completing the form linked below.

Synchronous Meet Up, AKA our Class Time
2 hours | November 9, 2020 @ 4pm Eastern

If you're an enrolled student, we'll be meeting at this link on Monday September 9 at 4pm via Zoom. If you don't have the password, and you are a registered student, DM me on Slack, and I can give you the password. If you're not an enrolled student, I'm afraid you can't join us.

This synchronous time will be split between our guest speaker and final project rounds. That is, we'll go around the class and check in with everyone about their progress on final projects. We'll also work to help folks strategize about next steps and overcoming any blockers.

Time estimates are just that—estimates. The assumptions used to calculate reading time are as follows: 48 pages is assumed to take roughly an hour to read. When working with non paginated texts, it is assumed that a page is roughly equal to 250 words. Videos assume both 2X and 1X viewing. Estimates for coding are based on past experience. Each level should include about 6 hours and 40 min of work.